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About Us

Address to be written here. Levenshulme, Manchester.


Aims and Objectives
The objectives of the Association shall be to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Greater Manchester and in particular those of the Shi’ite Muslims in a manner consistent with the teachings and traditions of the Shi’ite faith (Fiqua Jafaria) without distinction of sex or of political or other opinion by the following:

  • Providing facilities in the interests of social welfare for the recreation and other leisure time occupation of such inhabitants with the objective of improving their conditions of life.
  • Providing facilities for religious functions and the performing of religious rights and ceremonies in accordance with the Shi’ite faith including marriages and funerals.
  • Advancing education concerning the Muslim religion and culture.
  • Establishing or securing the establishment of a centre and managing or co- operating with any local statutory authority or organisation in the maintenance of such a centre for activities promoted by the Association in enhancement of the above objectives.


Management committee

Dr. Amir Rizvi

Phone: 07793 614 744
Dr Amir Rizvi is the President of Al Raza Foundation and is actively involved in all areas of leadership and management within the charity. By profession Amir is a General Practitioner (GP), working for the NHS, and by day runs a busy practice in South Manchester.

Sohail Jaffri
Vice President

Phone: 07772 484 918
Sohail Jaffri is the Vice-President of Al Raza Foundation and has been active in Al Raza for over 20 years. By profession he is self-employed and holds qualifications in commerce and management, which he has used to good effect in helping to run the day-to-day operations of the charity.

Sajjad Zaidi

Phone: 07904 072 354
Sajjad Zaidi is the Treasurer of Al Raza Foundation and has been active in Al Raza for over 20 years. By profession Sajjad is self-employed, and holds qualifications in management. His responsibilities at Al Raza include the overall management of finances, including budgetary spending and collections.

Raza Naqvi
General Secretary

Phone: 07766 135 328
Raza Naqvi is the General Secretary. By profession he is an IT Consultant and has been involved in day-to-day activities at Al Raza for nearly 20 years. He is responsible for all administration duties, including immigration, and holds degrees in Computing and management